Gabriel Ralls | MA


Gabriel Ralls


My name is Gabriel and I am a London-based audio engineer,
sound and Foley artist, video editor, music producer and web
designer (see RealmDesign).

I like to make sounds, movies, installations and occasionally
I compose music too (which includes my work with OVERKILL
). I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting
projects to work on.

I offer outstanding experience and skills with Pro Tools / Logic /
Final Cut Pro set-ups amongst raw recording and engineering
ability. I specialise in voice-over recording, dubbing / dialogue
replacement (ADR), audio to visuals and visuals to audio.

As my work is rather diverse, I have made various showreels
to demonstrate what I can do and what I have worked on.
Simply click on any of the options above, or scroll your mouse
over this text to fly between each of them.

If you think I can help you, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

*Yes, I did just say "yo". It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Sound and Dubbing

A few select pieces including "Rival Killers", "You're Growin' on Me", "The Jabberwocky Box" and "Anamnesis", which
demonstrates sound design (all sounds are artificially replaced) and dubbing. You will also see a couple of A/B
comparisons to show the difference of production audio and postproduction audio.


Over the years I have composed many pieces of music of various different styles for different means.
Here's a few of them (and yes, all produced by me - although I do not play any of the guitars - sorry).

Music Composition - Instrumental

A selection of instrumental pieces.

Music Composition - Film

Pieces written for film, or with the intention of being written for film.

Music Composition - Bands

I was in a couple of bands (before I realised I couldn't sing and gave the helm to Judith Haustein for
a while) and wrote a lot of music for the musicians to play.


I occasionally edit some videos (with more to come) and here are some examples of my favourites including "Rival
Killers", Vidal Sassoon promotional videos (one featuring Nine Inch Nails and another Lamb), "Anamnesis" and a
fan-video for a Queens of the Stone Age Track.


Here are some examples of work I have produced, mixed and engineered, but did not write (see
the 'Music' section for that).

Engineering - Music Production

Some snippets of work I produced with OVERKILL MEIDA (performed by Rania and Daniel Kim Birch),
Navigator's (Alan Webb) 'Transcendental Union' EP and Sophie Annett (recorded back in 2001 on a
four track MiniDisc).

Engineering - Acoustic Production

Despite my love for synths and guitars, I have a real soft-spot for acoustic instruments. During
my studies, I got many opportunites to record said instruments. Here are my favourites: A jazz band,
a marimba (recorded with an ambisonic microphone - yum!) and a piano recital. All are recorded at
Vestry Hall, Ealing.

Engineering - Voice

I love to work with voice artists, in some ways I prefer it to musicians (but don't tell any of them
this). During my time at SEGA, I helped to oversee voice recordings, but sadly do not have access
to these. I did, however assist the recording of Beth Webb, who voiced her own audio books for her
Star Dancer series. This features a snippet from "Fire Dreamer". Also included is an excerpt of my
father, Chris Ralls, reading an excerpt from some historial book... or something.